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Next Month's Major Change to the GMAT

Posted by Greg on 6/21/17 5:50 PM

Last week, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) announced a big change to the format of the exam -- effective July 11, test-takers will be able to exercise some optionality over the order in which they’ll take the sections.  

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7 Key Strategies to Boost your Score on the GRE from a Master

Posted by Greg on 1/11/17 6:31 PM

There are many opportunities to make mistakes on the GRE, and our Master tutor Greg has witnessed all of them.  With over 500 hours of experience teaching with Cambridge Coaching, he is one of the most well-qualified GRE tutors out there.  What are the most common problems he addresses?  Some of the answers may surprise you.  Greg shares his candid feedback below!

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The Universal Standardized Test Taking Strategy: Know the Policy

Posted by Greg on 10/28/16 5:08 PM

This week, one of our Master level tutors shares the most commonly forgotten test taking strategy: know the testing policy. Greg's anecdote sheds light on the responsibility of the student and the tutor to learn the policies of the test, and understand what motivates test policy changes.

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