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How to approach your personal statement

Posted by Jon K. on 2/7/20 11:00 AM

No genre of writing is simultaneously as fun to read and as taxing to write as is the personal statement. I say that the personal statement is fun to read because a good one gives the reader a sense that he or she has really met and come to know someone else, even (and perhaps especially) a complete stranger. I say that the personal statement is taxing to write for obvious reasons: you must distill yourself, your very essence, into 500 or 750 words, each one a polished gem, and your whole future rides on it. Sure, that assessment might sound hyperbolic, but there’s truth to it. The personal statement is one of the few parts of an application in which the applicant gets to transcend numbers, scores, and grades to appear as what each of us is: a real person, whole and complete.

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