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A 6-month Plan to Study for the LSAT, Inspired by Miracle 

Posted by Nathaniel on 4/2/18 6:00 PM

The September LSAT is less than 6 months away, and I just watched Miracle for the first time. That happy confluence of events produced this: a roughly 6-month study plan for the LSAT that mirrors the approach Team USA took in preparing to face the reigning 4-time Olympic hockey champions. I want you to study smarter—adopting only the best strategies that will get you the most gain—and harder: putting in the work of many practice problems to get faster, leaner, & yes, meaner on the test (see the section on attitude below). Now, you might be thinking what the skeptical USA Hockey official said when he heard Coach Brooks’s plan in Miracle, “Walter, we don’t have years, we have months.” The good news is that’s enough time to put the following plan into action. Also, don’t call me Walter.

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How to Begin Brainstorming For Your Admissions Essays: Start With Narrative

Posted by Nathaniel on 1/19/18 4:54 PM

Humans gravitate towards narrative. We can’t help it—being attuned to changes and working out a theory of what caused them is a pretty good evolutionary trick. But you can use this predilection to your advantage when applying to college or graduate programs—in a sea of expository personal statements, the one with elements of plot will stand out. James Montoya, former Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Stanford, when asked for advice on the personal statement, said, “1. Answer the question...2. Tell a story, 3. Tell a story only you can tell.”

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