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Homework Help: How to Study When You Literally Can’t Even

Posted by Pooja Khanna on 4/1/15 10:00 AM

It happens all the time. You need to study, but your brain is so tired it’s numb, or a little voice in your head is chirping at you to watch a movie or spend time watching Youtube videos of goats. Anything instead of study! But your test is tomorrow, or you have something due soon, so how do you force yourself to focus? As a homework tutor for middle school kids in NYC, I encounter this problem a lot, but these methods work for students of all ages. Here are some tricks that I have found to work the best:

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The SAT Tutor: Subtle Ways to Boost Your Score

Posted by Pooja Khanna on 3/4/15 11:58 AM

There are better ways to boost your SAT score.

Walk into a testing center before the SAT and you’ll see all sorts of last minute superstitious practices. Some people carry talismans, others spray on their favorite lucky cologne, and some just pray. So apart from studying, (of course), maybe working with an SAT tutor, and wearing your lucky underpants (really!), what can you do maximize your SAT score? Here are three slightly unconventional, less than obvious tricks.

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