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Planning Your Premedical Career: Gardeners and Architects

Posted by Santiago on 7/1/19 12:50 PM

Competition for coveted medical school seats increases every year and with it the pressure on aspiring physicians to meet the ever-rising expectations of admissions committees. Whether you knew you wanted to become a physician since you could want anything at all or are planning on making a career change into medicine, it can be overwhelming to think about everything you will need to do just to be ready to start writing your application. George R. R. Martin once said there are two kinds of writers: gardeners and architects. Architects like to draw up blueprints, measurements, grand plans before even thinking about laying down a foundation. Gardeners, on the other hand, plant a seed, water it, and watch it grow, tending to the needs of the sprout as they arise. Your medical school application is the story of why you want to (and should) become a physician, so how are you going to go about putting it together? I don't think there is a single, right answer to that question, but I do believe that every premed should strive to find their own balance between master planner and rolling stone. In this two part post, I'll talk about how each mindset might shape your premedical career.

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