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Constructing and Communicating Your Narrative as a Medical School Applicant

Posted by Santiago on 5/3/19 5:22 PM

So, you've cleared the MCAT, aced your undergraduate courses, developed your extracurricular résumé, and have accomplished everything you wanted to before taking the next step in your career — it's time to apply to medical school. Premedical students will have surely heard at one time or another that their application ought to have some kind of narrative, but what does that mean? In concrete terms, the narrative of your application is the story told by the sum total of your application materials (not just the personal statement) and attempts to answer two questions in the minds of the admissions committee: first, why does this applicant want to go to medical school and, more importantly, why should our medical school admit this particular applicant? This often-overlooked component of the application can, in my opinion, turn a merely good candidate into an excellent one.

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