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Step By Step GRE Practice Problems

Posted by Songhoon on 5/8/19 5:27 PM

I taught GRE and LSAT for several years at Pagoda Academy in Seoul, one of the largest test-prep companies in South Korea and during that time. I helped many Korean students who spoke English as a Second Language achieve significant improvements in scores thanks to shortcuts and techniques I developed (after 4 years of studying for the LSAT) to get a 99th percentile on the June 2016 LSAT (my 5th try). 

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Essential GRE Verbal Strategies with Examples

Posted by Songhoon on 4/19/19 5:20 PM

Some people may think that the LSAT and GRE have nothing in common.  In actuality, there are many strategies from the LSAT that can be transferred to the GRE verbal.  As someone who has not only taught the LSAT and the GRE for years, but speak English as a second language, I have a unique perspective on verbal test taking strategies.  You may think it would be impossible for me to out-perform native speakers in the verbal section, but I received a perfect score of 170 in both sections of the exam.  I did this by deploying a few strategies, as outlined in my synopsis!

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How to Reason Through LSAT Problems as an ESL Learner

Posted by Songhoon on 4/15/19 8:17 PM

Let me begin this introduction by admitting to something that I think no other student newly admitted to Harvard Law School’s JD Program would admit to: I find English incredibly hard.

I am a U.S. Citizen who was born in and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve lived there for over 20 years and Korean has been my native language my entire life. I was in Chinook Middle School’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Program until 8th grade. Now, thanks to reading The New York Times every day since 8th grade (I didn’t have too many friends back then, as it should be obvious by now), I was able to significantly improve over the years.

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