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How to Address Your Weaknesses in a High Stakes Interview

Posted by Grace on 7/23/18 5:53 PM

The interview for any job or graduate school can be the gateway to success. Employers want to see potential in their applicants, and how we respond to interview questions reveals a lot about our creativity and ability to think on our feet. Common questions ask us to talk about ourselves, explain why we are pursuing our respective fields and describe our strengths. And while highlighting our strengths comes naturally to us, pinpointing our weaknesses has proven to be a much more difficult task. When asked to describe our flaws, we are unsure of whether to be brutally honest and risk portraying ourselves as incapable, or to downplay our weaknesses and risk portraying ourselves as immodest. Ultimately, answering this question requires a delicate balance of both.

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How to Choose DAT Study Resources

Posted by Grace on 6/29/18 5:15 PM

The Dental Admissions Test (DAT) is a standardized examination required for admission into dental school comprised of four sections: survey of the natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension and quantitative reasoning. Although it can be a daunting test to master, choosing the appropriate resources to maximize efficiency and comprehension while studying can greatly alleviate the stress that naturally comes with standardized test taking. Some programs such as Kaplan and Princeton Review offer an online course with live review and feedback sessions from certified instructors. If you prefer to self-study like me, however, there are multiple other resources out there to cover the material necessary to ace the DAT. In this blog post, I will be detailing my personal study resources for the DAT and how I used a combination of resources to emphasize their respective strengths.

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