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What is Mathematical Induction (and how do I use it?)

Posted by Aditya K on 3/18/19 5:41 PM

Mathematical induction is a common and very powerful proof technique. At its core, it’s an appeal to an intuitive notion that Induction proofs often pop up in computer science to proof that an algorithm works as intended (correctness) and that is runs in a particular amount of time (complexity). In this tutorial we’ll break down a classic induction problem in mathematics, and in the next post we’ll apply the same techniques to a classic computer science problem. As a warmup we can look at a classic example used to teach induction, namely the proof that the sum of integers from 1 to n is equal to

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What is the Difference Between Computer Science and Software Engineering?

Posted by Aditya K on 3/6/19 6:17 PM

It’s common to talk about these two programs as if they’re one. Most universities may not have a distinction between these fields and the media/casual conversation often use the two terms interchangeably. However, there’s a fundamental difference in training/design and learning outcomes for these two programs that often gets lost.

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