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Brokered Conventions

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 3/28/16 9:30 AM

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Why I Quit Facebook and Never Looked Back

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 9/11/15 11:30 AM

When I tell people that I quit Facebook, I tell them that it’s because it stole time from me.  Technically, this is true – sometimes at the end of the day I would tally the minutes (the hours) that I’d spent looking at photographs of people I didn’t know instead of working on my dissertation or editing grant proposals, or doing just doing anything that was actually good or pleasurable.  But honestly this was only half the truth – eventually I was only able to quit Facebook because I truly hated it.  And for a boost in productivity along with a host of other reasons: I think that you should hate it too.

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Applying to the Best Prep Schools

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 8/21/15 11:00 AM

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Here Are the Best Time Management Tips for Test Prep

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 8/17/15 11:00 AM

Fret no more!  We've got your back.

I once had a student who told me he “didn’t have enough time” to study for the GRE.  Granted, he was a reality TV executive with a family and a two-hour commute – so if anyone had an excuse not to make time for test prep, he probably did.  But after we sat down and had a simple conversation about time management and organizational study skills, we were able to make a few actionable recommendations that squeezed more than enough time for test prep out of his daily schedule.

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Planning College Visits (Part 3 - On Campus Checklist)

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 7/24/15 9:00 AM

Fingers crossed for good weather. [Image source: Columbia University, where Andrew spends most of his time] 
This post is part of a 3 part series. Check out Part 1 on Getting Started, and Part 2 on Traveling Efficently. 

Once you’re finally on campus for the visit and information session, you may feel like the battle has already been won.  I see kids like that at Columbia every day – herds of sullen, blank-faced high school students shuffling from one academic hall to another.  Admittedly, it can be an overwhelming experience to start visiting these grand, bustling institutions.  But you need to remember that this is both your first glimpse at the school and its first look at you.  Try incorporating a few of the suggestions listed below to your next campus visit and see if it makes you feel – or at least seem – like the engaged, passionate, admissions candidate you want to be.

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How to Plan Your College Visits (Part 2 - Traveling Efficiently)

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 7/13/15 11:00 AM

We're excited too, Mr. Bean.
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How to Plan Your College Visits: Getting Started

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 6/11/15 11:31 AM

Rory from Gilmore Girls visits Yale. Most of us aren't lucky enough to have a grandpa alumni.

For all rising juniors and seniors, this is the season to take the first step in the college application process – planning your college visits. Remember, this is your first opportunity to examine a range of colleges and their first chance to get a look at you. It’s important to take a deep breath and think about your ideal college experience in fine grain. In this series, we’ll present some basic tips and tricks for making the most of your campus visits, including how to plan effectively and what to do once you get there.

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GRE Verbal Tutor: No Sweat Study Habits for Busy People

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 12/31/14 2:43 PM

When it's finally time to play ball, you'll be a pro.

The worst part of studying for any standardized test is the feeling that you’re wasting your time – learning new tasks or developing new skills, like how to spot litotes, that you think you’ll never call on again.  As a private GRE verbal tutor in New York, I’ve had the best luck with students in both verbal and math in developing ways to change everyday activities – activities we’re all doing constantly, whether we like it or not – into effective study opportunities. In this post, I’ll discuss three of the techniques I’ve found to be most effective while tutoring online and in person in re-wiring the way students think, both to make them more sensitive to the way ETS has designed the GRE, and to tease out more efficient critical thinking more broadly.

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The Language Tutor: Simple Tricks for Summer Language Practice

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 7/30/14 10:42 AM

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History Tutoring: How to use key figures to ace your history exams

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 11/6/13 10:54 AM

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