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Is Exam Stress Necessarily Bad?

Posted by Clayton McClintock on 6/12/15 3:37 PM

At the very least, find some friends to comisserate with!

We know that stress inhibits cognitive performance, adversely affects physical and mental health, and can simply feel awful. So, when it comes to the stress that inevitably accompanies big tests, we should avoid it at all costs, right?

Actually, philosophers and psychologists have pointed out that when dealing with stress, there may be more than meets the eye. To give a few examples, the Greek thinker Epictetus had the insight nearly 2000 years ago that stress does not exist in the event itself but rather in how individuals perceive the event. As a test prep coach as well as a psychology tutor, I’ll introduce draw an example from the field:

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Achievement Goals and Why They Matter

Posted by Clayton McClintock on 5/20/15 11:30 AM

Competition won't keep you going, in the long run.

Making high marks, improving on test scores, and generally succeeding in school are goals that our one-on-one tutoring students share. Much less remarked upon, let alone agreed upon, are the underlying reasons for academic achievement in the first place.

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Effective Study Skills: Obligation to Self-Determination

Posted by Clayton McClintock on 12/30/13 10:14 AM

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