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The Biggest Mistake Students Make on Law School Statements

Posted by Emma on 6/3/19 10:01 AM

By far the most common error I see on law school personal statements? Forgetting to tell the reader why you want to go to law school—emphasis on law! Often, students write personal statements as though they’re still applying to college. They tell a flattering anecdote about themselves but they could just as easily be applying to an MFA or business school. Many fail to tie their story back to law at all. If they do mention law, they do so in a superficial, throwaway sentence in their conclusion. This is a huge mistake! Without explaining to the reader what a legal education will specifically enable you to do, students miss the purpose of the statement. There are a million possible paths for a bright young thing like you! If the only reason you’re applying is you don’t know what else to do with your humanities degree, save yourself lots of debt and long nights squinting over a casebook. Law school is not the answer.

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