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The Changing Landscape of the SAT

Posted by Katherine H. on 7/11/18 4:45 PM

This week, our SAT prep tutor Katherine writes on her opinions of the changing landscape of the SAT. 

In the past week, I have been forwarded articles regarding the University of Chicago’s decision to no longer require standardized test scores for admission. The accompanying messages ranged from “Have you seen this? Thoughts?!” to “What are YOU going to do?” I am an SAT prep tutor. My bookshelves are lined with every SAT prep book you can imagine, some dog-eared and filled with my own marginal notes: read the questions trickery AGAIN! I have worked with dozens of students on the SAT and more on the ACT. I’ve built a career that at least on the surface focuses on demystifying multiple choice questions for sixteen-year-olds who are sure that they’ll never see anything like this again. What’s the point? University of Chicago agrees with them. However, from my perspective as a tutor, the student’s score on the ACT/SAT —the number that colleges will see— has only ever been the short game; the long game is teaching students how to find patterns and manage time, skills that will put them at a huge advantage once they're in college.

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Solving The “I’m Not Good At Math” Problem

Posted by Katherine H. on 11/8/17 5:41 PM

You’ve heard it before. Or you’ve said it. I’m not good at math.

I hear it from seventh graders struggling with fractions, high school students preparing to take the SAT, friends at a restaurant when splitting a check, and even from parents assuring me that their child’s own difficulties are in fact genetic.

And while I’ve heard it countless times, I’ve never actually met a student who was unable to improve their math skills. 

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