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Behind the Scenes of Harvard Medical School: Part II

Posted by Logan on 6/24/19 6:15 PM

This week, we interview Logan for another look at Harvard Medical School.  Logan grew up on a horse ranch in Issaquah, Washington. His love for swimming and for the outdoors brought him to Dartmouth College, where he captained his varsity swim team and led Dartmouth’s hunting and fishing club. His research on sleep disorders and hypertension named him a James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar. After graduation, Logan traveled to Nepal, where he worked on several medical service projects. Logan is currently an MD candidate at Harvard Medical School and president of Harvard’s Global Surgery Student Association. As such, you will most often find him chained to a desk in Harvard’s medical library, studying.

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Four ways for athletes to substantiate their candidacy in their medical school applications

Posted by Logan on 3/2/18 1:45 PM

Whether you are a high school senior trying to decide whether to play sports in college, or a collegiate athlete beginning to fill out your medical school application, this post is for you. 

When it comes down to it, admissions committees make their selections based off traits that they recognize tend to help students thrive through school and beyond. From the perspective of a four-year collegiate athlete, there are four big ways in which your athletic career will simultaneously help you get into and thrive in medical school, and four ways to apply them to your application. Read More

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