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Planning Ahead: How to Prepare for your MD Interviews

Posted by Nikita on 6/28/17 5:35 PM

After all of the essays, tests, and letter requests, one of the most exciting parts of the medical school application journey is the interview. This is your chance to show who you are as a person, as well as get the measure of each particular school. I’ve written before about how to prepare yourself for the interview, but I think it’s equally important to realize how to use the interview day effectively to set yourself up best to make medical school decisions down the line.

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How to Create an Initial List of Medical School Applications

Posted by Nikita on 5/5/17 5:53 PM

Somehow, it is May again. In Boston, this means more sun, Swan Boats, and my personal favorite: the turning on of the water fountains along all of the Charles River running routes. To those of you interested in medical school, it also brings the time to work on your primary applications and initial school list. For more information about how to prepare your primary applications, check out my blog post about June in the medical school application cycle.  

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The 7 Best Places to Study in Cambridge

Posted by Nikita on 3/29/17 5:00 PM

If you’ve spent a school year (or ten) in the Boston area, you know that New England winters aren’t always fun. On a 10 degree day in February, it takes a lot of motivation for me to venture outside. After several years of school, I know that I study more efficiently when I’m not at my house; when I’m home, it’s too easy to succumb to the temptations of chatting with my roommates, rummaging through the kitchen, or taking a nice nap. The problem is that as it gets colder, going somewhere else to study becomes much harder. Here are some places in the Boston/Cambridge area that make it worth the trek – in any weather!

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Medical School Applications: Three Things to Do In November

Posted by Nikita on 11/14/16 6:22 PM

By this point, most of you are up and running in the application process, and either have already had an interview or have some lined up. Sometimes, though, the scariest part of this process can come after the interview. At that point, all there is left to do is wait. The interview typically is the last part of this journey that is “in your hands” -- afterwards, your entire file sits on a magical hidden desk for review, until one day you get an email or phone call telling you whether or not you have been accepted to a medical school’s entering class. For those of you who feel like there is still more of your story left to tell, today I’m going to discuss the process of following up or sending update letters to schools after you’ve interviewed. Make sure to also check out this blog post from last year, which can help guide your decision to send an update letter before you have an interview.

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Medical School Interviews: One-on-ones, Panels, MMIs

Posted by Nikita on 10/12/16 6:30 PM

As we come into October of the medical school app cycle, several of you will have likely gone on your first interview, or at least have one scheduled coming up. In last month’s blog post, I mentioned a few tips to get your head in the interview game. This month, I’ll delve more deeply into the different types of medical school interviews and how to handle each. Generally, the three most common types are the standard 1-on-1 interview, the panel interview, and the multiple mini interview (MMI). 

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MD Interview Preparations - 4 Essential Points to Remember

Posted by Nikita on 9/2/16 10:30 AM

If you have been following along with our monthly series of medical school application guides, now that September has rolled around you are likely already finished or close to finishing your secondary applications. Some of you may already have received interview invitations! The interview, as you might imagine, is a crucial component of the application process, and while it is often less strenuous than writing an endless number of essays, it presents its own challenges and requires special preparation. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start to get ready for interviews (and they will get easier as they continue!):

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MD Admissions Timeline: Secondary Applications!

Posted by Nikita on 8/17/16 6:30 PM

If you’ve been following along with the last few MD Admissions Timeline blogs, August likely brings you to the next step of applying to medical schools - your secondary applications. Last month, I talked about some of the ways to prepare yourself for the barrage of secondaries that will come your way, and this month I’ll talk more specifically about receiving and turning over these secondaries in a timely fashion.

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4 Medical School Secondary Application Question Types and How To Plan Your Answers

Posted by Nikita on 7/22/16 9:00 AM

If you’re applying to medical school this cycle and were able to get your primary application in by the end of June, July puts you in the first (of many) waiting game. As you are refreshing the AMCAS page to check the status of your primary application, you can make use of the down time to prepare yourself for secondaries. Depending on how many schools you are applying to, once your application does get verified, your inbox will seemingly immediately explode with secondaries. Many people feel that they have to submit their secondaries right away (more on that next month), but the sheer volume of essays can be overwhelming. Here are some of the essays you can start thinking about during your weeks “off” to help make the secondary submission process easier. On the whole, aim to write these essays in approximately 300 words, and adjust later for specific word limits, schools, and question wording.

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MD Admissions Timeline: 4 Crucial Things to Remember in June

Posted by Nikita on 6/29/16 9:30 AM

As most of you who are applying to medical school this cycle are aware, the AMCAS opens during the first week of June. Typically, you are allowed to begin filling it out sometime in mid-May, but can't officially complete it until it opens in June. This is when you can submit the first part of your application - the personal statement, activities and extracurriculars, transcripts, letters of recommendation, MCAT score - to the schools of your choice. Needless to say, this is a very important part of your application, and there are some things you definitely want to consider before you submit.

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How to Select Your MCAT Test Prep Resources

Posted by Nikita on 5/25/16 9:00 AM

Image sourced from the New York Times

Picking MCAT test prep resources can feel a little bit like trying to pick one ice cream flavor at Coldstone (although perhaps significantly less fun…) – there are so many options, all of them seem to work, and you don’t want to miss out by picking the wrong ones.  Unfortunately, MCAT students too often try to use too many resources and end up not being able to fully commit to any of them. This post can’t do justice to all of the well-developed test prep material out there (though some of our tutors can!), but hopefully it can point you in the right direction as you begin (or continue) your MCAT test prep journey. Here are a few things to consider as you decide how to study for the MCAT:

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