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How to Sketch Any Graph by Eye

Posted by Sarah B on 5/19/17 3:48 PM

Equations in math are useful but they’re also kind of inefficient – for each x value, you have to do a separate calculation to figure out what y is. Graphs take that equation and turn it into a visual, something you can look at and immediately see what happens at different values of x, how the function changes, and more!

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5 Books So Good You Won’t Notice They’re Helping You Study for the SAT

Posted by Sarah B on 8/31/16 6:30 PM

The SAT is a very important test, but it can be hard to set aside the time to study for it amidst all your other school work and activities. When you already have problem sets to do and papers to write, another set of practice drills on reading comprehension can seem overwhelming.

That’s why sometimes the best studying happens when you don’t realize you’re doing it! This list contains some fun and engaging books that will help you practice the techniques you’ll be expected to use throughout the reading comprehension section of the exam.

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