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The 5 Most Important Strategies when Planning Your MCAT Study Schedule

Posted by Shaq on 11/1/17 6:50 PM

Choosing when to take the MCAT was a decision I wrestled with for months and months, but strangely enough I don’t remember exactly when I chose my test date. What I do remember clearly though is sitting down at the mahogany wood desk in my room at home over Thanksgiving break, opening up my laptop, and having no idea where to begin my planning for my May test date. I read article after article, including this one by a fellow Cambridge Coaching tutor, and ultimately constructed a plan as well as I could have with the information I had. With some insight and luck, the plan worked out pretty well for me, but there were some issues I could have anticipated better. Having emerged from the other side, here are 5 principles I’d emphasize to anyone beginning to plan their study schedule:

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