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MD/PhD admissions: Beyond the test scores

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 5/14/13 9:45 AM

As MCAT season kicks into full gear, many are beginning to think about their next steps.  For those interested in a career in research, the MD/PhD program seems like a likely path. 

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Standardized Test Preparation: The Perfect MCAT Study Schedule

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 5/3/13 9:33 AM

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Question types on the SAT Subject Test Biology E/M

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 4/25/13 10:30 AM

As May and June approach, many of you may be preparing to take several SAT Subject Tests.  These tests are great if you can achieve a high score, and really help to make you a competitive candidate in the college admissions process. 

The Biology E/M subject test is a popular one for those interested in pursuing a degree in the sciences. Preparation can be difficult, but knowing what to expect on the exam will help you focus your preparation. In our post, we’ll break down what the major question types are and how to approach them. 

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MD/PhD Admissions: Common issues in the application process

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 3/26/13 9:58 AM

The MD/PhD admissions process is often time consuming, and anxiety provoking.  There are over a hundred MD/PhD programs across the country.  Some of them are funded in part by the NIH (MSTP) while others are funded privately (non MSTP).  Overall, there are about 4500 students participating in these highly competitive programs across the country.  With so many programs, the selectivity of these programs and the high cost of applying, choosing how many programs to apply to and which programs to apply to can be daunting.  In our post we’ll give you some tips on navigating this process without breaking the bank.

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High School Academics: Why are Advanced Placement classes important?

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 3/15/13 9:33 AM

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Preparing for an SAT Subject Test: Biology E/M

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 3/1/13 10:19 AM

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MCAT game plan: Achieving your maximum score

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 2/1/13 10:40 AM

Taking the MCAT is extremely anxiety provoking.   But the preparation leading up to the exam can be grueling and soul-crushing.  These weeks/months are painful, filled with endless reading, questions, and practice exams.  Often, these monotonous routine days can cause students to become discouraged, frustrated, and bored.  Having a game plan before entering your exam prep stage can help you reduce the amount of time you are preparing, eliminate redundancies in your studying, and while it can’t make it more enjoyable, it will make it run a lot smoother. 

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Taking the MCAT more efficiently: Tips for speeding up on the MCAT

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 1/17/13 9:47 AM

Time management on the exam is one of the biggest issues for students taking the MCAT.   It’s not only about content, but efficiency when it comes to mastering the exam.  In our post we’ll give you the best tips/tricks for speeding up on the exam, and ensuring that you can complete all the questions on the exam.  These tips will put you on the path to success, and strengthen your MD admissions or MD/PhD admissions application.

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Beat the MCAT Blues: Dealing with depression and anxiety

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 12/12/12 10:37 AM

It’s likely that you’ve never prepared as deeply or intensely for an exam before, as you will preparing for the MCAT. Its common to feel anxiety, and even depression during the days leading up to the exam. In our post, we’ll give you some tips on how to cope and maintain your mental health through this difficult time.

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Should You Void Your MCAT Score?

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 12/1/12 10:53 AM

Taking the MCAT can be extremely anxiety provoking!  

With the medical school admissions process looming in the distance, even with intense MCAT prep courses, and the countless number of practice passages you’ve done, fear and doubt can get the better of any of us.  On test day, this may leave you with the feeling that you’ve bombed the exam and completely ruined your future.  There is an option that you may have seen, but didn’t fully understand: the VOID option.  In our post, we’ll tell you what happens if you void your exam, and if it’s the right choice for you on exam day.

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