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When to use worlds in Logic Games on the LSAT

Posted by Brian De. on 12/18/19 11:00 AM

Logic games is by far the least intuitive section of the LSAT. For someone new to the LSAT, it can be the most challenging. However, with practice, and good strategy, logic games can be the easiest to section to master. One strategy to consider is splitting your gameboard into multiple worlds.

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The secret to understanding a RC passage on the LSAT

Posted by Brian De. on 12/11/19 11:00 AM

Have you ever read something, and when you get to the bottom of the page, you realize that you didn’t understand a single word in the passage? If you answered yes, you’re in good company, especially as it pertains to the LSAT. For months, I couldn’t get through an RC section without having to reread multiple paragraphs. This was frustrating on multiple levels; I was putting aside the time to study for the LSAT, but I wasn’t able to extract anything from the passages I was reading. Because I had to go back and re-read what I had already looked over, I was also hemorrhaging precious time that killed my RC accuracy.

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What I wish I knew before starting my LSAT prep

Posted by Brian De. on 6/19/19 4:19 PM

So, you want to go to law school? The LSAT is no joke. But if you put in the time and energy into preparing for the test, you can and will be successful at this test.

These are the lessons that I learned while studying for the LSAT. Hopefully my experience can save you some time and headaches as you begin to study for the test.

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