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How to Solve GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions and Staying on Pace

Posted by Maryam Amr on 9/16/15 10:00 AM


It doesn't have to be this way Mr. Bean! (photo from

Blank.  It's test day, you’re staring at a data sufficiency question, and you’re drawing a blank.  You can feel the seconds slip by and you know you’re losing valuable time.  On test day, powering through this scenario and staying on pace could be the difference between scoring well enough to get into your target MBA program and needing to retake the exam.

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GMAT Tips to Finally Get Over That Plateau!

Posted by Maryam Amr on 8/28/15 11:00 AM

Have you reached a plateau?  These GMAT tips might be just what you need!

You’ve been studying for months and it seemed to be paying off at first.  You watched your practice GMAT test scores jump by 50, then 100, then maybe even 150 points, but you’re still short of the score you need to get into your dream MBA program.  Now, your projected score has reached a plateau and you’re understandably frustrated.  Don’t be!  Plateaus are fairly normal, and our GMAT Tips will help you figure it out if there's any room for improvement.  

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Converting Polar to Cartesian Equations in Five Easy Steps

Posted by Maryam Amr on 8/12/15 11:00 AM

If polar equations have you second-guessing your future as a nuclear physicist, fret not!  Almost every Pre-Calculus student I have tutored has struggled here, and it isn’t surprising at all.  Remember the first time you saw an equation and were introduced to these strange x and y variables?  It may seem like second nature now, but you were learning about a whole new way to communicate about points and curves.  

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Does the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section Really Matter?

Posted by Maryam Amr on 8/5/15 11:00 AM

If only the questions were this obvious...

The short answer?  Yes and No.  It depends on what types of school you’d like to be admitted to, how much time you have to study for the exam, and what you want to do after business school.  That said, the GMAT Integratd Reasoning section is definitely not as important as the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the exam.

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The Ambiguous Case of the Law of Sines Explained

Posted by Maryam Amr on 7/27/15 10:30 AM

In math, art, or life, it's not hard for things to get ambiguous... [image source: Magritte]

Trigonometry should be simple-- you’re just using the given information to solve for only one answer, right? Well, with the Law of Sines, sometimes there is more than one right answer. This situation is also known as the Ambiguous Case.  Before we dive into the Ambiguous Case, let’s review the Law of Sines and Congruence.

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MIT Sloan Interview Preparation: The Behavioral Event-Based Interview (BEI) Decoded

Posted by Maryam Amr on 7/6/15 5:20 PM

[Image source]

If you are reading this, you likely just received an invitation to interview for the the MIT Sloan MBA program.  If so, congratulations!  Being offered an interview means that you should be confident that the admissions committee thinks you can truly excel academically at MIT Sloan and now it just comes down to fit.  At this point, your chances of getting in are almost 50-50.  

After your initial excitement, you might be starting to feel a little panicked.  Don’t!  We at Cambridge Coaching have some tips to help you prepare for your upcoming interview.

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The GMAT Tutor: Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for the Big Day

Posted by Maryam Amr on 1/19/15 4:04 PM

The GMAT test day is NOT the day to experiment with your morning routine! 

So you’ve been preparing for months, and finally, your GMAT test day is rapidly approaching around the corner. You may be (understandably) starting to feel some anxiety creeping in. How will you retain all the strategies you've learned? How do you make sure all of that hard work, sweat, and toil translates to your test? As your trusty private GMAT tutor in Boston, let me outline a few things you can do in the days leading up to the exam.   

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