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Essential Components to the Personal Statement: How to Tell Your Story

Posted by Anna on 11/18/16 6:20 PM

Sharing your story in a clear, compelling way is an important skill that will come in handy for the rest of your life, from writing personal statements to presenting yourself in interviews. It’s also a skill that’s not often emphasized in high school and college English classes, where literary analysis is highly prized. How can you hone this skill?

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Sleep, Social Media, and Routines: Challenges of Time Management

Posted by Anna on 9/14/16 6:30 PM

One of the greatest challenges of our generation is the nearly constant distraction and temptation that technology affords us, from opening a new tab on our web browser to surfing apps on our phone. How do we harness all of the positive connectivity that these tools offer us, without feeling that our lives are dominated by them?

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Brainfood: Optimal Nutrition for Thinking & Test-Taking

Posted by Anna on 8/22/16 6:30 PM

How should we fuel our bodies? What’s the best thing to eat before track practice? What’s the best thing to eat before the SAT? These and other questions are the subject of much debate in the public sphere, where fad diets like ketogenic or paleo come and go with the wind. My goal in this post is not to give you rules on eating healthy, but to impart a few core principles that you can take with you in life as you make your own diet decisions, especially with regards to optimizing energy for your academic pursuits.

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How Exercise Impacts Academic Performance

Posted by Anna on 7/6/16 9:30 AM

It can be daunting to balance a sport (not to mention other extracurriculars) with a full course load of Honors and AP classes. Getting outside to exercise is often the first thing to go when we are time-crunched to finish an essay or study an exam, even though paradoxically, getting that exercise will often help us study more efficiently and boost our energy. In today’s blog, my goal is to make a case for these beneficial side-effects of exercise and discuss other important life skills that can be uniquely developed through athletics.

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Living Peacefully with Stress

Posted by Anna on 6/17/16 5:00 PM

Where does stress come from?

As sure as the sun rises each day, we all face times of stress. What gives us stress varies from person to person, and our stress triggers may evolve and change over the course of our lives, from feeling hungry as a baby to being excluded from a friend group to getting into a dream college or financing a house later in life. Most of the time a situation feels inherently stressful: something annoying, unexpected, or upsetting happens, and we react reflexively with a negative emotion.

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Taking time for the how of learning, not the what

Posted by Anna on 4/13/16 9:30 AM

 It’s easy to get caught up in the content of learning: memorizing a formula, distinguishing eukaryotic from prokaryotic cells, and understanding the events leading up to the French Revolution. Most of the time we’re so absorbed in taking in new information as students that we don’t notice the behind-the-scenes work of how we take in that information, how we shelve and organize it in our minds, and how we recall and utilize it later on.

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