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What I Learned When I Retook the ACT and SAT

Posted by Colleen on 5/4/18 5:59 PM

My blog posts usually focus on the content of the ACT and SAT: what information is on the tests, how to think strategically about taking the tests, and how to maximize your score. This month, I decided to take a step back from the details and look at the bigger picture, so I sat down and took practice ACT and SAT tests, back to back. I realized a lot more about the two tests in this marathon session, and now I have some ideas for you.

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A Quick List of ACT Literary Devices

Posted by Colleen on 4/11/18 5:54 PM

Welcome back to my SAT/ACT reading section blog. The topic for today: literary devices. These terms come up infrequently but often enough that it’s worth giving them a look over before the test to be sure that you have them down. If they come up, you can get another question right, and if they don’t, you can save what you learned for a future SAT subject test or AP test.

Ready? Let’s get started.

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How to Practice Reading for the SAT and ACT

Posted by Colleen on 3/14/18 6:15 PM

Many students either don’t get the scores that they are hoping for on the reading section or feel like they aren’t reading accurately enough or quickly enough. But how do you improve your reading? Let’s go through some strategies that can help you improve your reading speed and accuracy.

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How to Strengthen Your Reading Sections on the SAT and ACT Test

Posted by Colleen on 2/5/18 4:37 PM

Welcome back to another blog post about the SAT and ACT tests! This post continues on my earlier posts on practicing reading and ACT and SAT reading questions. If you haven’t read them, be sure to circle back and check them out. 

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Types of Reading Questions on the SAT and ACT Exams

Posted by Colleen on 1/24/18 7:31 PM

Welcome back to my blog series on reading for the SAT and ACT exams! New here? Loop back to the beginning and check out my post How to Read for the SAT and ACT.

In this post, I will be looking at the different types of reading questions that you can expect to find on the two exams.

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How to Read for the SAT and ACT: Three Methods

Posted by Colleen on 11/15/17 5:57 PM

One of the hardest sections to prepare for on the SAT and ACT is the reading section. For the other sections, like math and English, there is particular content to learn. For the reading section, however, the exam is testing how well you understand and interpret what you read. Most importantly in this section, you need to manage your time well. What are some strategies for approaching the section efficiently and thereby gaining maximum points? I break down three methods below.

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How do I use Punctuation on the ACT and SAT Exams? Part II

Posted by Colleen on 8/25/17 4:36 PM

College entrance tests require that you know the rules of punctuation. There’s no way around it, so let’s get right to it.

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The Key to Selecting the Right Answer on the SAT & ACT: Part 2

Posted by Colleen on 8/16/17 4:56 PM

Welcome to part 2 of my blog on English strategies. If you didn’t read part 1, you can check it out here.

Picture it now: you’re breezing through the ACT English or SAT Writing and Language section. Every question come easily to you, as you follow what your ear tells you is right. You didn’t need to learn grammar after all!

And then on one question it hits you: all of the answers sound right. Your ear cannot hear which one is wrong. You look at the next question and your ear has failed you again: all of the answers sound wrong.

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The Key to Selecting the Right Answer on the SAT & ACT: Part 1

Posted by Colleen on 8/11/17 7:00 PM

Here I bring you a two-part series about methods for the English/Writing and Language sections of the ACT and SAT.

Many students approach the English sections of the ACT and SAT with the mindset that they will go with whatever answer sounds right. Everyone who is taking college entrance exams already has a high aptitude in English. Isn’t this enough? 

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How do I use Punctuation on the ACT and SAT Exams?

Posted by Colleen on 8/2/17 9:00 AM

Punctuation usually comes up in questions that ask you to choose from among a collection of different pieces of punctuation. Think about the use of each punctuation mark, and find which one has the use that is needed for the particular sentence.

Pro tip! Don’t forget to read the entire sentence, not just the underlined part. You need to know the entire sentence to decide how you want to place the sign posts that guide the reader through the sentence. 

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