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Four types of questions and when to ask them

Posted by Cypress Marss on 1/13/16 4:10 PM

source: Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat

When a toddler asks why to an infinite regress, their line of questioning inevitably becomes annoying. The reason is not that their questions individually are inherently uninteresting—or if answered seriously will not illicit fascinating information—but rather that the line of questioning that that toddler embarks on is without end.

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It's Not What You Say But The Way That You Say It: Tips For Developing Voice

Posted by Cypress Marss on 11/25/15 8:30 AM

Have you ever accidently texted the wrong person? Sent a text meant for your best friend to your dad or to your boss? I have; it’s horrifying. Horrifying because I was being a person that this other person didn’t know.

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Reading at all Speeds: 4 Types of Reading and When to Use Them

Posted by Cypress Marss on 11/17/15 9:00 AM

This reading type didn't quite make it into the list...

The most useful thing I learned my freshman year of college was how to read. I already knew how to read—how to turn blocks of letters into words—but as an earnest college freshman, I found that I was reading far too slowly. In an hour, I would get through four or five pages, having generated copious notes and a sense of self-doubt. Mercifully for earnest-19 year old me, my American Lit professor gave me some advice about how to read that has stuck with me since:

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Proofread Using the Top Five Most Useful Techniques

Posted by Cypress Marss on 10/5/15 10:00 AM

Ouch! Follow the rules below and you're sure not to end up in the same position.

Proofreading is a drag—after having come up with a thesis, found evidence to support that thesis, and structured the essay to best support your ideas, you have to find and fix all of the mistakes you made along the way. I also find proofreading stressful; I worry that small mistakes will undermine all my hard work. Luckily, over time I’ve developed a series of techniques, which help me proofread;  I’ve collected here five of what I believe to be the most useful proofreading techniques, all of which are great used alone, or in combination.

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