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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Study Latin

Posted by Joshua on 9/20/17 6:53 PM

There comes a moment in the careers of most middle- and highschoolers learning Latin, and also among some college students considering it as a possibility when picking classes; a moment when they ask themselves (or their parents, or their teachers), “Why do I need to study this?”  After all, Latin is a dead language; unless you plan to become a senior Vatican official, you are very unlikely to have to speak it as part of your everyday life.  To add to this apparent lack of practical utility, learning it involves memorizing seemingly endless grammatical rules (and exceptions to those rules).  For English speakers in particular, even the concepts these rules embody are difficult to get your head around.  So why go to the trouble, when there are modern languages with less complicated rules that you could be learning instead?

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