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Letter of recommendation: two podcasts to help you find your best fit college

Posted by Madison on 8/16/19 11:00 AM

Following up on my previous post, I'm going to post a 3-part series on what resources you can use to help find your perfect college fit. Are you ready? Get excited. And, if you are not excited, go back to my first post and remind yourself to stop stressing and breathe. Go back in time and remember when you were a tiny human, eyeballing the toys at the toy store and scrutinizing every last detail before making the decision as to which one your heart most desired. This car is icy blue. Ah yes, but this one has flames down the side. Hmm, but wait…this one makes a “vroom” sound. Choosing a school is about being a little (or a lot) picky because, after all, it needs to fit you.

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How to build a smart, non-crazy-making college list

Posted by Madison on 7/9/19 2:19 PM

The college application process can seem totally daunting. No surprises there. The standardized test date that looms in the distance as you study into the nights, combing the recesses of your mind trying to remember the difference between a conjunctive adverb and a subordinating conjunction from that one grammar lecture in third grade. The deep preliminary introspection you dive into at the first glance of a sample application prompt as you ponder who you are and what you shall become. The sudden influx of shiny college brochures at the end of the driveway, your overstuffed mailbox seemingly weighed down by the decision that awaits you. Suddenly, family members start sporting their college sweatshirts - emblazoned with crests and mottos - around you as they casually drop their alma mater into every conversation. All at once, you begin to notice university-branded bumper stickers on every passing car. The question that seemingly defines your ENTIRE future bombards you on every side: Where will you go? Where will you spend the nascent years of your adulthood? There. Is. No. Escape.

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