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The Power of Anecdote: Creative Strategies for Academic Writing

Posted by Sam on 3/30/18 5:56 PM

Many of the freshmen I instruct at CUNY enter the first few sessions of my Expository Writing class wearing metaphorical top hats and monocles, armed with—and comforted by—the five-paragraph essay structure and other basic compositional building blocks. College-level essay writing, in their understanding, requires a stuffy, exacting formality—a holding in of one’s breath. By sublimating their individual perspectives and voices, these writers are, in fact, setting aside their most effective argumentative tools.

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Team Spotlight: Meet Sam, Operations Manager at Cambridge Coaching

Posted by Sam on 9/19/16 10:00 PM

This week we're spotlighting Sam, the Operations Manager at Cambridge Coaching.  Sam graduated from Wesleyan University in 2015 with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy.  He's now the Operations Manager at Cambridge Coaching, where he monitors our systems, improves general efficiency, and buys tea and snacks for everybody!

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Avoiding Decision Fatigue – 3 Habits to Free up Mental Stamina

Posted by Sam on 7/28/16 10:31 AM

People often assume that decision-making is an activity that requires effort but not stamina. This is a very common misconception – mental effort is as taxing on the brain as physical workouts are on the body, and our mental resources are much more limited than we think. In psychology, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision-making.

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How Video Games Enhance Learning

Posted by Sam on 6/15/16 9:30 AM

In this article, I will provide a philosophical argument of why playing video games helps us learn. I will argue that video games are an enjoyable workout for the mind, and that they are valuable for their ability to improve our general cognitive learning capacities.

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How to Find a Good Tutor: What They Offer and How to Decide

Posted by Sam on 5/2/16 9:30 AM

The tutoring industry is a mess. You have individuals and companies offering tutoring anywhere from $20 an hour to thousands of dollars per hour. How can you determine who to trust? How can you even determine your budget?

In this article, I’ll explain what to look for in a good tutor, and how to decide whether the price is right.

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Time Management Tips – Breakdown of a Typical Student’s Daily Schedule

Posted by Sam on 4/25/16 9:30 AM

Ever wonder where all your time went? Interested in liberating up to 50 hours each week that you never realized you had? Want a productive schedule that guarantees you a large chunk of time every day for fun and entertainment?

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Brain hacks for studying – Memorization and the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Posted by Sam on 4/1/16 9:30 AM

How do I actually remember the stuff I learn? How do I memorize my notes, my textbook, and everything covered in class? How much studying do I actually have to do?

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Tutor Spotlight: Meet Weike Wang, Grandmaster MCAT Tutor

Posted by Sam on 3/4/16 9:30 AM

This week we're spotlighting Weike, a member of our MCAT tutor team! She earned her BA in Chemistry and English at Harvard College and graduated cum laude. Currently, Weike is completing her doctorate in cancer epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health as well as her MFA in creative writing at BU. Weike tutors for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE and MCAT, all tests that she has taken and scored within the top 95%.

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Tutor Spotlight: Meet Jason, GMAT Tutor

Posted by Sam on 2/26/16 9:30 AM

This week we're spotlighting Jason, a member of our GMAT tutor team! Jason graduated from Cornell University summa cum laude with a BS in civil engineering and an MEng in structural engineering, and is currently in his second year of obtaining his MBA at MIT. He is currently a teaching assistant at Cornell and MIT, mentoring underprivileged students in entrepreneurship, and lecturing as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia. Jason has coached dozens of students in SAT, GRE and GMAT, helping them to exceed their own expectations.

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Manoah Finston – CC Tutor Spotlight

Posted by Sam on 2/19/16 9:00 AM

This week we're spotlighting Manoah, a member of our French tutor team! Manoah graduated from the University of Chicago with honors in both English and French language and literature, and attended NYU's doctoral program in French literature. He is currently an adjunet instructor at New York University, and specializes in SAT and SAT-II prep, as well as French Literature and Political Philosophy. Interested in working with Manoah? Check out Manoah's tutor page here!


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