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AP Bio Exam Question Breakdown : Biotechnology Tools

Posted by Sandra on 2/6/17 6:43 PM

The AP Biology exam for 2017 is set for the morning of Monday May 8th. So it’s that time of the year again to begin reviewing past concepts and doing practice exams.

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Question Breakdown: How to Solve a 6 Grid-In Question on the AP Biology Exam

Posted by Sandra on 11/2/16 6:00 PM

On the AP Bio exam, there will be 6 grid-in questions that will require you to do some math. Yes, math. These questions will require you to do some simple calculations and thus you are only allowed a four-function calculator to do addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. That being said I’ll breakdown an example grid-in question to familiarize students with the type of questions they may be asked.

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Question Breakdown: Real AP Biology Exam Solutions

Posted by Sandra on 9/21/16 7:30 PM

The AP Biology Exam date has been set for Monday, May 8, 2017. Beginning at 8 am that morning, everything you learned over the course of the year will be tested with 63 multiple choice, 6 grid-in and 8 free response questions. Although the AP exam seems far off, it’s a good idea to master the basics now and set a good foundation off which to build future knowledge. That being said Question 4 on the 2016 AP exam is a good starting point.

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Question Breakdown: Real AP Chemistry Exam Solutions

Posted by Sandra on 7/8/16 5:00 PM

This month, Sandra breaks down Question #2 on the 2015 AP Chemistry exam.  Read step by step instructions on how to solve this tricky question, and get tips on how to avoid getting tripped up on questions like this in the future!

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Straight from the Source: Tips on How to Read Primary Research Articles

Posted by Sandra on 5/18/16 9:30 AM

Primary research articles are crucial to how science is shared and pushed forward. Familiarizing yourself with this type of literature is especially important for those interested in pursuing life science research. These articles detail the results of an original research study conducted by the authors and are almost always published in a peer-reviewed journal. This means that before the article can be published it is closely examined by experts in the field for credibility.

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Tips on How to Spend the Summer Before College to have a Successful First Year

Posted by Sandra on 5/4/16 9:30 AM


The transition from high school to college can bring about a complexity of emotions, from excitement to uncertainty. There will be students from a variety of different backgrounds who are all taking a big step toward independence, growth, and exploration with you. Colleges will help you with this transition by giving you information during freshman orientation, but there are steps you can take during the summer to help you make the most out of your first year. Here are some tips I wish I would have known the summer before going off to college.

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Odor Perception on the AP Biology Exam

Posted by Sandra on 3/25/16 9:30 AM


Last year, AP Biology students did a great job applying their math skills to the test. On average, 55% of math related question were answered correctly compared to 35% in 2013! That’s great news but there were still many questions that students struggled with such as free response Question 7 about odor perception.  This question gave students a particularly tough time with 70% of students earning 0 out of 3 possible points. So, let’s break this question down and review neuronal signaling. 

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A basic guide to the AP Chemistry Exam

Posted by Sandra on 3/14/16 9:30 AM



The AP Chemistry exam is on May 2nd, leaving less than two months to prepare!  You might still be struggling with where to begin, and that’s how this blog post can help.

In 2014, the exam was revised to focus on six big ideas in chemistry. The new format is intended to test your understanding of big picture concepts and apply them to the practice of chemistry. Thus, it is critical that you be able to think deeply about concepts, draw connections across topics, and interpret experimental data.  Reviewing everything you need to know for the exam can seem daunting, but these effective studying tips will ensure that you can maximize your score:

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