Statement of Purpose versus Personal Statement: Knowing the Difference

Posted by Jenna on 7/11/16 5:00 PM

If you’re applying to graduate school, then you might remember the headaches of that application process that you encountered many year ago. Maybe you struggled to decide on a topic for the personal statement, maybe you debated which extracurriculars were worth listing, or maybe you were torn between taking the ACT or SAT. But for all the anxieties induced by college applications, at least those applications (especially, if you remember, those sent through the Common App) spoke the same language: that is, most schools needed the same essential materials, asked the same kinds of questions, and expected the same kinds of answers.

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How You Should Be Asking For a Letter of Recommendation

Posted by Nikita Saxena on 10/26/15 12:10 PM

 Asking the right people is crucial!

For many students looking to apply to medical school, asking for a letter of recommendation can feel pretty daunting, especially if you’re requesting it from people whom you may not have seen for a couple of years. And since you often don’t get to see your letters before submission, this is the part of your application that is least in your control. I remember wondering who the best people to write my letters were, especially coming from an engineering major with not too many ‘traditional’ pre-med biology courses. In this post, I’ll suggest some tips for navigating the recommendation letter process!

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Application Consulting: In Praise of Messy Drafts

Posted by Megan Formato on 12/8/14 9:00 AM

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Application Consulting: Simplifying School Selection

Posted by Sam Ashworth on 7/18/14 10:01 AM

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Careers: The Fruit of the Schmooze

Posted by Christine Hsieh on 4/28/14 9:59 AM

In my previous post I talked about networking, the professional socializing so often dreaded by introverts.  To further illustrate how natural and even potentially pleasant networking can be, this week I am offering real life examples of how it brought me success.  I’ll first provide a little context: when I am not working as an academic tutor, mentoring, or writing, I am off trying to build a company to make people healthier.  These vignettes draw from my experiences with that endeavor.

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College Admissions Guide: Scoring a Knockout in the Interview

Posted by Manoah Finston on 10/28/13 9:56 AM

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College Admissions: Why Bad Things Happen To Good College Applicants

Posted by The Standarized Test Insider on 6/3/13 9:37 AM

College admissions committees work in mysterious ways, and sometimes, even the most qualified applicants are the victims of bad luck.  Here's how to cope.

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