Crafting a Strong Thesis Statement

Posted by Kannan on 1/27/20 11:00 AM

There are few concepts in essay-writing more important—and confusing, to the uninitiated—than the thesis statement. Let's start out with what it's not:

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Tags: creative writing, expository writing

The music of Mandarin: learning the five tones of the language

Posted by Yun on 1/24/20 11:00 AM

Learning Chinese is challenging but fun! Even the parts that require repetitive practice can be enjoyable with the right framework and point-of-view.

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Three Simple Tips for De-Stressing the Admissions Process

Posted by Lindsay Z. on 1/22/20 11:00 AM

To state the obvious: applying to school—whether it’s college or grad school—is stressful and time consuming. There’s the anxiety about whether you’ll get in to your top schools, the painstaking work of tailoring your application to each school, and the challenge of balancing your applications with existing commitments, like work, activities, friends, and family.

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Learning the basics of Game Theory

Posted by Kevin D. on 1/20/20 11:00 AM

Imagine that you and a friend are going to the movies. You like comedies more than action movies, while your friend likes action movies a lot more than comedies. If you go to see a movie alone, however, you’re probably not going to have as much fun, regardless of what type of movie you see. What is the optimal behavior for each person in this situation? At first glance, it seems hard to know exactly what will happen, since the payoff or reward that you receive will depend not only on which movie you go see but also what movie your friend decides to see.

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Authentic and vulnerable reflection in your college personal statement

Posted by Nathaly on 1/17/20 11:00 AM

The personal statement is one of the most important factors in your application. But in the end, it’s your story. Here’s the secret: it doesn’t matter what you write about; what matters is how you write it. If you write astutely and creatively, and if the story is yours, your essay will be unique and unforgettable.

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Confronting commas on the SAT writing and language section.

Posted by Elizabeth L. on 1/15/20 11:00 AM

You see commas everywhere when you're reading, and you may put them everywhere when you're writing, but do you really know when to properly use this tricky punctuation mark? The SAT requires you to know exactly when a comma is either necessary or obstructive, so it is important to take the time to learn comma rules as you prepare for the writing and language section of the test. To help you get started, here are a few scenarios that require the use of a comma:

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Tags: creative writing, English, expository writing

Test Taking Tips for the SAT Subject Test in Physics

Posted by Kamile on 1/13/20 11:00 AM

Doing well on the Physics SAT Subject Test requires two things: a thorough knowledge of the material covered on the test and the knowledge of how to take the test. Since the exam is much too long for even high school physics savants to finish, in order to do well, it’s important to know how to approach the test so as to maximize your time and maximize your score. Here I share the most important test-taking strategies that will allow you to do well on the Physics SAT Subject Test.

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Tags: physics, physics SAT subject test

Spaced repetition and why it’s important while studying for the MCAT

Posted by Veronica L. on 1/10/20 11:00 AM

Spaced repetition at its simplest is the idea that the more frequently you’re exposed to information, the better you remember it. It’s more effective to repeat something 7 times over the course of one week than over the course of a single day. Your brain needs time to process the information you’ve learned and make connections with other stuff you know before it can file it away in to your long-term memory. If you don’t give it time, you’re more prone to forget it, which is why it’s extremely common for people to remember next to nothing after cramming all night for an exam the next day.

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Tags: medical school admissions, MCAT

How to tackle nerves on the ACT

Posted by Tiwa on 1/8/20 11:00 AM

So you’ve decided to take the ACT! As an experience tutor of this test, one common pattern I see in my students is a fear of taking the exam. After all, for many people, this is the first large standardized test they’ve ever encountered. Although it might seem daunting, with some hard work, the test can be manageable. Here are some tips to help guide you as you prepare to take the ACT:

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Tags: test anxiety, ACT

Becoming a Good Test Taker

Posted by Jacob R. on 1/6/20 11:00 AM

You’ve heard it over and over: “She’s just a good test taker.” The phrase clings to standardized tests, where some students have the luck of Steph Curry sinking 30-foot shots while others feel like Shaquille O’Neill at the foul line. Like shooting a basketball, we often treat test taking as innate and immutable, but any basketball coach will tell you that hard work and a good advice can fix a jump shot. This makes perfect sense. We know every other part of the test can be prepared for. If you can learn to factor a quadratic or spot a misplaced semicolon, why can’t you learn to be a good test taker? The answer, of course, is that you can. You just need to know which muscles to train.

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