How to tackle sentence and paragraph sequence questions on the SAT

Posted by Elizabeth L. on 3/9/20 11:00 AM

The style questions on the writing and language section of the SAT can often be the most difficult. While you’re working to memorize your grammar and punctuation rules, it is also essential to develop strategies to tackle each type of style question.

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Stellar verbal scores on standardized tests are about shifting your perspective

Posted by Melanie L. on 3/6/20 10:09 AM

Many students find the verbal sections of standardized exams hard, maybe even impossible. The source of these feelings is typically one of two mindsets: either the student believes that there is an infinite and unmanageable amount of content to cover (grammar rules, vocabulary, etc.); or, my students feel like the test and test makers are “out to get them.”

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How to Join a Research Lab

Posted by Elliot on 3/4/20 11:00 AM

Experience conducting research is an important criterion for admission to graduate school, medical school, and industry jobs, yet finding and obtaining a research position can be challenging for many undergraduates. Without background or experience it can be intimidating to reach out; however, by following some simple steps and tips outlined below, students can set themselves up to find and become involved in a fulfilling and meaningful research endeavor.

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How to Craft a Successful Curriculum Vitae

Posted by Olivia F. on 3/2/20 10:11 AM

Like a firm handshake or a greeting, a CV can oftentimes serve as a first impression – a way for prospective employer to get a sense of you at a glance. CVs oftentimes are gatekeepers for an interview, and as such, are extremely important. It is worth it to take some time to think critically about your CV’s structure and content. Read the following simple and actionable steps to craft one of your own!

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Finding the Right MBA Program

Posted by Rahima on 2/28/20 11:00 AM

Assessing fit within MBA schools

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Where do Taylor series come from and why do we learn about them?

Posted by Jane on 2/26/20 11:00 AM

Taylor series can often seem a bit mysterious the first time that we learn about them. The formula for the Taylor series of a function f(x) around a point x=a is given by

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How do I autofill formulas in Excel?

Posted by Enrique on 2/24/20 11:00 AM

Excel has been a through line of my academic and professional career. It is a skill that, once mastered, helped me in many spheres of my life. I've had to help a lot of people with varying levels of Excel proficiency. In this post, we’ll talk about how to autofill formulas in Excel. If you’d like to learn about additional strategies in Excel, you should read other posts in this series!

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Business School Admissions: GRE vs GMAT?

Posted by Rahima on 2/21/20 11:52 AM

Should you take the GMAT or the GRE for MBA applications?

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What is implicit differentiation and how does it work?

Posted by Jane on 2/19/20 11:00 AM

One topic that seemed a bit mysterious and magic to me when I first learned calculus was implicit differentiation. In this post, we’ll start by reviewing some examples of implicit differentiation and then discuss why implicit differentiation works.

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Making spreadsheets “dynamic” with cell referencing in Excel

Posted by Enrique on 2/17/20 11:00 AM

What is a cell reference? In Excel, it is when a cell derives its value based on the value of another cell. The below is a simple example of a cell reference. Note that the value in cell A3 is derived from the value in cell A1. How do you create a reference to another cell? In the cell that you want to create a cell reference, press the '=' key on your keyboard and then click on the cell that you want to reference.

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