So, You’ve Declared Yourself a Pre-Med Student…

Posted by Viemma on 3/20/19 5:44 PM

Whether you knew you wanted to be a doctor since you were born, or you just sort of fell into medicine by chance, you have declared yourself a pre-med student. Welcome. You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. These next few years as a pre-med student will only be the beginning. The beginning of the road to becoming.

Now that you’ve committed to becoming a physician, below are some helpful tips to help your pre-med experience go smoothly.

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What is Mathematical Induction (and how do I use it?)

Posted by Aditya K on 3/18/19 5:41 PM

Mathematical induction is a common and very powerful proof technique. At its core, it’s an appeal to an intuitive notion that Induction proofs often pop up in computer science to proof that an algorithm works as intended (correctness) and that is runs in a particular amount of time (complexity). In this tutorial we’ll break down a classic induction problem in mathematics, and in the next post we’ll apply the same techniques to a classic computer science problem. As a warmup we can look at a classic example used to teach induction, namely the proof that the sum of integers from 1 to n is equal to

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How to Get Letters of Recommendation for Medical School

Posted by Viemma on 3/13/19 6:32 PM

Letters of recommendation are an integral component of the medical school application. Anybody can speak highly of themselves, filling pages on why they’d make a great doctor. What makes letters of recommendation so valuable is that each one represents someone else who believes that you have what it takes to pursue a career in healthcare. Each one represents a person who believes in you so much that they are willing write an essay about the remarkable qualities you possess in an attempt to convince the multiple admission committees who will review your application. This is no small thing. You can do a fine job of explaining why you need medicine all by yourself. A great letter of recommendation will explain why medicine needs you. It could very much be the reason why you get an interview invitation. Thus, acquiring letters of recommendation should be done with care and strategy. 

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An Insider's Tip to Prepping for the SAT Math Section: Plug in Numbers

Posted by Daniel Pa on 3/11/19 6:53 PM

Preparing for both mathematics sections on the SAT can be a bit intimidating. You can’t expect yourself to know every topic that might come up, and the time limit adds to the stress. Much more efficient than trying to learn everything you might come across is to start with what you have already learned in high school and use examples to apply it more widely in the SAT. The most classic sort of example is what teachers have been drilling for ages: plug in numbers. However, mathematics is all about generalizing rules and strategies, so I want to talk about how to expand plugging in numbers to the art of creating your own examples.

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What is the Difference Between Computer Science and Software Engineering?

Posted by Aditya K on 3/6/19 6:17 PM

It’s common to talk about these two programs as if they’re one. Most universities may not have a distinction between these fields and the media/casual conversation often use the two terms interchangeably. However, there’s a fundamental difference in training/design and learning outcomes for these two programs that often gets lost.

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Cracking the College Admissions Process, Part III: Beyond the Numbers

Posted by Sofía on 3/4/19 6:45 PM


Tell a story that your stats just can’t

In my previous post in this series, I explored all the quantitative components of your application: grades, test scores, the deadlines you’ll choose, and even applying for financial aid. These stats form the backbone of your application, but there are also several open-ended parts that you will need to flesh out.

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Cracking the College Admissions Process, Part II: Stats, Scores, and Paperwork, Oh My!

Posted by Sofía on 2/27/19 3:38 PM

Tackling the College Application Beast

You already know that applying to college involves a bunch of moving parts, and it can be a scary process to undertake (let alone hit “submit” on!). To make it feel a bit more attainable, let’s go through it piece by piece. In this post I’ll provide an overview of decision timelines, the logistics of applying, and the major empirical components of the Common Application. Even if you’re applying somewhere that uses a different application portal, you’ll find some version of each of these components there, too. In Part III, we’ll cover the application components that will allow for a bit more storytelling and creative expression.

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Things to Consider on The Medical School Interview Trail

Posted by Viemma on 2/25/19 6:45 PM

Whether you’ve dreamed of being a doctor since you were three years old or this doctor thing only recently started seeming like a good idea, your days of being “pre-med” are almost over. You dodged getting weeded out by Organic Chemistry, you got through the MCAT. You shadowed doctors, you maybe even worked in a research lab. You carefully crafted your personal statement and you powered through that primary application. You slaved over those secondary applications and now you are finally receiving interview invitations.

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Imposter Syndrome in Medical School: Recognizing What It Is and Overcoming It

Posted by Viemma on 2/22/19 7:02 PM

I don’t deserve to be here. These people are actually smart. 

If they really knew me, they’d know that I have no right to be here.

One of these days, people will realize that I’m a fraud.

The admissions committee must have made a mistake. 

If you’ve had any of these thoughts since matriculating into medical school, congratulations. You are a normal human being. 

So, you’re afraid of being “found out”. Nice! Did you know the Maya Angelou found herself feeling the same way? She once said, “I have written eleven books, but each time I think, 'uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.'” 

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How to Choose a Medical School Personal Statement Topic

Posted by Daniel Fr on 2/22/19 3:15 PM

Unfortunately there is no easy answer on how to do this because it is an extremely personal answer that differs for everyone. Ultimately though, your personal statement must answer two essential questions: 

  1. Why you?
  2. Why medicine? 
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