5 Questions Pre-Meds Should Ask Before Committing to Medicine

Posted by Christine X. on 9/27/19 2:17 PM

So, you want to be a doctor. Maybe you remember playing with your plastic doctor’s kit when you were little, examining all your stuffed animals’ fuzzy ears. Maybe someone in your family works in a healthcare profession, and you always admired what they could do. Or, maybe in school, you realized that you excelled at science and enjoyed learning about the intricate mechanisms of the human body, but also wanted a career where you could help people in dimensions of both the body and mind.

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An Application of Calculus: Finding Optimal Road Networks

Posted by Jane on 9/25/19 11:00 AM

Suppose that we have many towns spread across the country and we are trying to connect them with a network of roads. If we would like to do so by laying as little road as possible, how do we do it? In this blog post, we will use Calculus to tackle a special case of this optimization problem.

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One tutor’s thoughts on MCAT materials

Posted by Indeevar on 9/23/19 11:00 AM

One of the very first questions a student asks about a standardized exam is invariably, “Which study resources should I use?”. For the MCAT, the answer is far from simple. With the multitude of test prep publishers out there, each claiming to guarantee students the best possible score, it can often be difficult to find sources that are truly representative of AAMC’s MCAT. As someone who faced this conundrum myself, I can personally attest that no single resource is by itself enough to tackle the monstrosity that is the MCAT. So, which ones should you rely on? Hopefully, this brief guide will help!

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The LSAT, Context-Dependent Learning, and Jeopardy!

Posted by Ryan M. on 9/20/19 11:00 AM

I'll get to the LSAT in a minute, but first I want to talk about Alex Trebek.

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Understanding Elasticity of Demand in Economics

Posted by Kevin D. on 9/18/19 11:00 AM

You may have heard in your econ class about a good’s elasticity of demand, or about “elastic” or “inelastic” goods. Consumers’ elasticity of demand is just a fancy way economists talk about how sensitive people are to changes in a good’s price.

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Can You Tell Which is Bigger? Set Cardinality, Injective Functions, and Bijections

Posted by Tom on 9/16/19 2:01 PM

Comparing finite set sizes, or cardinalities, is one of the first things we learn how to do in math. From a young age, we can answer questions like “Do you see more dogs or cats?” Your reasoning might sound like this: There are four dogs and two cats, and four is more than two, so there are more dogs than cats. In other words, the set of dogs is larger than the set of cats; the cardinality of the dog set is greater than the cardinality of the cat set.

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3 Tips for Your Law School Application

Posted by Rachel R. on 9/13/19 11:00 AM

The law school admissions process might seem pretty straightforward—submit LSAT scores and write a killer personal statement. Easy enough, right? Well, in many ways, it is actually that simple. But there are actually numerous “behind-the-scenes” factors to consider in formulating the basic requirements of an application.

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Maximizing the gap years between college and medical school

Posted by Will on 9/11/19 11:00 AM

If you’re a college student planning to wait 1-3 years after graduating before attending medical school, I was very recently like you. Yay, we were the same! Although you or the people around you may have doubts about prolonging your training or entering the nebula of a life unstructured, I think the time you spend during your gap years can have a profound impact on your personal development and life trajectory.

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Letter of recommendation: 2 great books to help you in your college search

Posted by Madison on 9/9/19 11:00 AM

Thank you for checking in to the final post in my 3-part series on resources for creating your college list! So far, I have written about my top podcast and website suggestions that can help you on your college search . If this is your first time coming across my blog, you may want to go back and read up on those suggestions, as each resource is entirely unique.

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Don't fear the Splice! Mastering ACT English's "gotcha" questions

Posted by Austin on 9/6/19 11:00 AM

Comma Splices: The word “splice” connotes something almost foreign. First off, we don’t see it very often. And when we do, it’s usually in the context of a horror movie, or an English class. Same difference, right? Well, actually comma splices aren’t that tricky. They’re one of the most basic and frequent errors that a writer can make—and, fortunately for you, they’re one of the easiest to correct. The ACT gives you plenty of opportunities to do just that, and once you know how to spot them and what to do with them, comma splice questions will become almost second nature to you.

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