What should every great coder know?

Posted by lulian B. on 11/18/19 11:00 AM

Over the last 10 years my only occupations have been coding and tutoring! I’ve still got a long way to go to improve my own programming skills but I’d like to include here my honest opinion about what makes a great coder. I’ve gone through a whole series of happy and sad coding stories, I’ve met and worked with hundreds of programmers and students and this is what I’ve found out about the best coders:

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Law School Admissions: Picking Letter Writers

Posted by Jimmy B. on 11/15/19 11:00 AM

Your recommendations are crucial because they are the only component of your application that is contributed by a second-party. When choosing recommenders, consider the following:

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Don’t neglect reading comprehension

Posted by Alexander V. on 11/13/19 11:00 AM

Focus on weaknesses, but capitalize on strengths

The GMAT has no shortage of intimidating problem types. For many test takers, Data Sufficiency and Critical Reasoning alone are enough to induce heart palpitations. Understandably, many students focus on these very intricate, complicated question types - and rightfully so! It is no easy feat to break down a complicated argument or to determine precisely how much information is required to solve a complicated math problem.

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Checking your answers in physics

Posted by Lucas O. on 11/11/19 11:00 AM

Having worked through a long physics problem, you finally have an answer. How do you know if it’s right and all that work wasn’t for naught? In this post, I will cover a few quick strategies that can help rule out wrong answers.

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Law School Admissions: Researching Law Schools Part II

Posted by Jimmy B. on 11/8/19 11:00 AM

It’s a funny thing – law schools are pretty much all the same, but they think of themselves so differently. All 1L students (pretty much) take the same courses: contracts, torts, civil procedure, constitutional law, property, and criminal law. Almost all law school students graduate with debt. All law schools produce a similar variety of lawyers – lawyers at firms, in-house counsels, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and a smattering of other positions.

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How to survive a proof-based math class

Posted by Allyn on 11/6/19 11:00 AM

Probably the most common challenge that I see my students struggle with is understanding and writing out mathematical proofs. Although most higher level college math and computer science courses rely heavily on proofs, there aren’t many courses that really prepare students before they’re thrown off the deep end. I wanted to discuss some tips and tricks that’s helped my students become more comfortable with proofs, and some steps you can take to prepare yourself if you are planning on taking such a course.

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Logic games: worst nightmare or dream-come-true?

Posted by Emma Mc. on 11/4/19 11:00 AM

Logic games are the best. If you’re reading this, chances are they’re currently the bane of your existence but hear me out.

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Law School Admissions: Researching Law Schools Part I

Posted by Jimmy B. on 11/1/19 11:00 AM

The first step for any successful law school list is to go to this website. This tool is incredibly helpful and managed by LSAC – you input your LSAT score and GPA, and it shows you the 25/75 percentile range for various schools, and basically how you stack up. Private companies have their own tools – do not trust them! The LSAC collects all of their data directly from the law schools – it is by far the most accurate prediction tool. Don’t listen to “chance me” blogs or forums, or any tool but the LSAC one. It is the best starting point for your search.

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MD/PhD interview tips: 3 essential questions to nail down before you walk into an interview

Posted by Joan on 10/30/19 11:00 AM

Congrats on making it to interview season! It’s been a long journey with the pre-med courses, long hours in the lab, grueling MCAT prep, and seemingly endless AMCAS and supplemental essays. You’re almost there. I found the interview portion really fun - I traveled to places I’d never been, got wined and dined by students and faculty, and talked about research with people who were equally passionate about it!

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Don’t make the MCAT CARS section harder than it needs to be! Build on your existing reading skills.

Posted by Tyler S. on 10/28/19 10:24 AM

As an MCAT tutor and former test taker, I have often encountered a subset of students who struggle with the Critical Analysis and Reasoning section (CARS) of the test. It can become a significant source of frustration during studying, and there are many students who may even have to re-take as a result of a poor CARS performance.

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