A Quick Introduction to Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) Programs

Posted by Aki on 10/15/18 7:06 PM

In the competitive world of medicine and medical schools, you should know that there are two types of medicine: allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO). Fundamentally, the two tracks are the same. Both MD and DO students will take the same medical classes, they'll undergo the same training, and their exams will cover the same information. At the end of four years, these students will become medical doctors with the same foundational education and abilities to treat patients. With that in mind, you must be wondering what makes osteopathic medicine different from allopathic medicine.

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How to Simplify the Process of Selecting Your Medical Speciality

Posted by Lucy on 9/10/18 8:22 PM

When it comes to choosing a medical specialty, there is no magical sorting hat. Making this decision can involve a lot of soul-searching about the type of career you want.  Here are a few reasons why I think this decision can be challenging:

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Preparing for Your Medical School Interview: How to Handle the Tough Questions

Posted by Sam C. on 4/9/18 5:10 PM

Last time we discussed the general approach to preparing for a medical school interview and went over a couple big picture questions. The ultimate goals are to, one, let the interviewer know how you are different than every other person they spoke to and, two, why you would be a good fit for this program. You want to convey these points in a memorable way, so we discussed how to answer these questions by telling a story. And all of your stories come together to tell your narrative.

In this entry, we’ll talk about how to maintain that mindset and those goals, while answering difficult interview questions.

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Preparing for Your Medical School Interview: General Approach and Big Picture Questions

Posted by Sam C. on 4/6/18 3:01 PM

First things first - congratulations on getting a medical school interview.  It is no small accomplishment and you should take a moment to appreciate all the hard work that has gotten you to this point.  There is still much hard work ahead, but let the “wins” fuel you moving forward. 

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Four ways for athletes to substantiate their candidacy in their medical school applications

Posted by Logan on 3/2/18 1:45 PM

Whether you are a high school senior trying to decide whether to play sports in college, or a collegiate athlete beginning to fill out your medical school application, this post is for you. 

When it comes down to it, admissions committees make their selections based off traits that they recognize tend to help students thrive through school and beyond. From the perspective of a four-year collegiate athlete, there are four big ways in which your athletic career will simultaneously help you get into and thrive in medical school, and four ways to apply them to your application. Read More

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3 (Surprising) Reasons Why Social Science Prepares You for Medicine

Posted by Joyce on 1/31/18 6:34 PM

One morning during winter break, as I was sitting on my couch with a mug of coffee in hand, I remember reveling to my mom: “It’s incredible how much majoring in anthropology kept on proving itself useful in medical school.  Who would have known?” In college, I chose to major in a social science, anthropology—surely the less traditional route for students interested in medicine—because I was drawn to the sheer diversity of research areas and the engaging, experience-based fieldwork methods.  Later, I happily discovered that studying anthropology was not only intellectually interesting and exciting but also practically useful in preparing for the MCAT—the CARS section is known to test critical reasoning skills on passages from science, social science, and the humanities, and analyzing plenty of Durkheim, Foucault, Marx, and Weber surely helped me tackle those potentially tough readings.  But how else has studying a social science helped me grow?  Below are 3 important skills in medicine that anthropology helped me hone before even beginning medical school:

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How to Create an Initial List of Medical School Applications

Posted by Nikita on 5/5/17 5:53 PM

Somehow, it is May again. In Boston, this means more sun, Swan Boats, and my personal favorite: the turning on of the water fountains along all of the Charles River running routes. To those of you interested in medical school, it also brings the time to work on your primary applications and initial school list. For more information about how to prepare your primary applications, check out my blog post about June in the medical school application cycle.  

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Biology on the MCAT: How to Simplify Complex Problems

Posted by Henry on 11/21/16 5:59 PM

Many problems on the MCAT seem quite complex upon first inspection but can actually be reframed to be more simple. This allows a test-taker to serve time as well as avoid the errors that come with repeated detailed analysis. To demonstrate this tactic, see the example below.

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Medical School Applications: Three Things to Do In November

Posted by Nikita on 11/14/16 6:22 PM

By this point, most of you are up and running in the application process, and either have already had an interview or have some lined up. Sometimes, though, the scariest part of this process can come after the interview. At that point, all there is left to do is wait. The interview typically is the last part of this journey that is “in your hands” -- afterwards, your entire file sits on a magical hidden desk for review, until one day you get an email or phone call telling you whether or not you have been accepted to a medical school’s entering class. For those of you who feel like there is still more of your story left to tell, today I’m going to discuss the process of following up or sending update letters to schools after you’ve interviewed. Make sure to also check out this blog post from last year, which can help guide your decision to send an update letter before you have an interview.

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Medical School Interviews: One-on-ones, Panels, MMIs

Posted by Nikita on 10/12/16 6:30 PM

As we come into October of the medical school app cycle, several of you will have likely gone on your first interview, or at least have one scheduled coming up. In last month’s blog post, I mentioned a few tips to get your head in the interview game. This month, I’ll delve more deeply into the different types of medical school interviews and how to handle each. Generally, the three most common types are the standard 1-on-1 interview, the panel interview, and the multiple mini interview (MMI). 

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